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Hello, I'm glad you found me. My name is Jay Ruffner and I have a passion for life and helping others.  I am a husband, Nurse, adventurer, pilot, entrepreneur, and a coach. I have a dream of teaching others the joy of flight, offering charity flights for both people needing medical treatments far from home with Angel Flight, and also pets who need to be placed at different shelters through Pilots and Paws.

I have tried and failed at many things (sound familiar?). I have also learned from each one and adjusted in order to become better than the challenge I faced. Lucky, I can share with you my misadventures and experiences and get you on the right track in your own business. We have multiple mentors and a seemingly endless library of training material for just about any type of media to help you to find those who share your passion for the better life they have always dreamed of!

Here's an example of what NOT to do. I became caught up in a ‘guaranteed leads' black hole that required I paid up to $125 PER LEAD!!! They were supposedly pre-qualified and I just had to send out an info pack to them for $29.95. However, they were mostly tire kickers or outright fraudulent. After the fraudulent ones were discovered by the bank, guess who was refunding an additional $49.95 each? Yep, that would be me. It didn't take long for this ‘system' to drain all of my startup cash and savings. I know from my previous experience that people are interested in the products and services I have to offer, I just needed a better way to find them!

So, there I was: Broke, frustrated and disillusioned with a fiancee who was NOT pleased! I knew where I wanted to be. I knew that I had to find more interested people to present to. I just didn't know how. Desperation began to set in. I began to research different advertising and lead generation possibilities when one site caught my eye. April's MLSP link with the large amounts of valuable information for FREE plus a 10 day test drive!! Here's what it looked like: http://ridered01.getmlspmastery.com/ 

I am very pleased with the MLSP community and how they are always available to help us to become successful entrepreneurs. Without the tools and resources provided I would still be drowning in my ineffective and expensive, feeble attempts at lead generation.


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