Today is day #1 of actively reaching out to entrepreneurs who are really struggling with their business. Many I find have a lot of energy and passion but are just not going in a good direction. Even with a solid offer there are a lot of cringe worthy attempts at gathering interest.

The posts I saw were full of hasty, frustrated, and poorly written messages which almost sounded like ‘I dare you!s' to possible prospects. While I encourage people to write as they speak, there is a limit. Don't be so casual in your writing that your message is lost. Subbing U for you and using street jargon is a good way to keep people away! Some even went so far as to have ‘disclaimers' related to race and gender. Wow.

After reaching out to one struggling entrepreneur, I gave them a simple 4 part list to work on:

1. Find a positive experience, testimonial, or review of your product and create a story to tell that creates interest.
2. Find a useful or valuable tip to share that somehow can be related to the product.
3. Talk out that related tip and how it and the product can be used together.
4. Think out how to create a need for product and then the prospect may buy if it is a good fit.

I am waiting for this homework assignment to be completed.

I will post results on my Biz Page:HERE


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