For the past few weeks I have been tasked with training our new Endoscopy Technicians. They are an enthusiastic bunch who all have come to us due to their previous positions being eliminated. I enjoy teaching, and I do my best to set the baseline example and build upon it as teaching scenarios present themselves. Today was a very good training day! Our last case was being evaluated for anemia and GI Bleeding. As the Doctor advanced the scope into the patients' stomach we all saw the cause of the problem. A large ulcer with a cascade of clotted blood hanging from it that required intervention. As the new Techs were wondering what they were seeing on the monitors, I was quietly digging through supplies and setting myself up to provide the Doctor with any interventions needed. A clip was placed and the case concluded without incident. After the patient was stable and returned to their room, I called the Techs back and began going through my thought processes during the case. I also explained the indication and uses for the various tools available and when they could be utilized using the screen capture as a reference.
The best part is that I saw the new found understanding and possibly a bit of passion for the magic that we call Endoscopy first hand. As a RN, I can be confident in the abilities of each team member. Due to my diligence in teaching them everything I can, while boosting their confidence, they will be able to recognize and anticipate when they are on their own.

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