After reading, listening, and studying many different sources I have discovered that the first step in improving one's health, well being, and success is to clear out the junk. We are descended from adventurous people who brought along only what was useful because too much stuff slowed them down. In our modern times, we have entire channels on TV that are designed to entice us to buy things we really don't need that will stack up in the corners of our homes. Consumers are equally advertised to in order to make us aware of the newest and best tasting quick (processed) foods. When was the last time you saw an ad for the best tasting lettuce, apple, or almond from a farmer?

Success is rarely complicated but it does requires consistent hard work. A good coach is invaluable when starting out so that you can be accountable to someone as well as having that informed person to bounce ideas off of and get direction from. Also, planning your work and then working your plan will develop a routine. After 10 to 14 days re-evaluate and adjust as that is the average amount of time to become comfortable with new things. Add meals, exercise, and activities to your plan after 2 weeks. You can make up meals for the week on Sunday like we do or have a couple nights a week set aside for cooking ahead.

There are many resources to help with planning. I use Google Calendar and Keep to stay on track. They have a share function to keep your friends and family informed too. The less distractions and rework you have the better. Discuss your new routine with your family and friends. Set aside time to do those things that get pushed back so that you stay connected to the people who care about you. If you were going to college or a trade school for 2 years they would understand then right? Treat your personal development the same way!

My wife and I have begun our wellness journey this year and it has been well worth it. She has enrolled in a Bootcamp program and we have begun eating clean which has been the missing link for our previous attempts at losing weight. We will be sharing our meal plans and recipes here with links to our Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook posts along the way. Last night she was able to zip up a coat she has had for 10 years and was never able to do so before. Quite an emotional moment for sure.

So, there you have the basics of success. Simplify your life by removing clutter and time wasting activities. Get an experienced coach and mentor who will keep you accountable and push you in the right direction. Plan a routine and stick to it for a minimum of 10 days. Don't forget to have fun!!


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