I have just enjoyed another wonderful recording from Gary Vaynerchuk's SXSW Keynote speech. What I love about Gary is his way of uncomplicating things, cutting through the BS, and giving an honest and tailored answer to each person's question. While you don't see him as a listener on stage, because that would be a little awkward, there isn't any other way for an Entrepreneur or business person to become successful without that skill.

With listening there is another very important component which is empathy. Empathy is being able to feel what the speaker is feeling and experiencing and not just what they are saying. Isn't that what business is all about? Being able to feel out what your customer is REALLY wanting and then delivering a product or service that blows them away will take you far! Problem is that too many people look for the shiny and complicated ways of doing things. They get so wound up in the process and their own issues that they forget they have customers needs to take care of first! Customers will find solutions elsewhere if you don't provide. Period. Nobody cares about you on a personal level in business but you must remain human at the same time.

Marketers ruin everything and are proud of it. Yes, that's right. Ruining platforms, spaces, and trends where people congregate is an art form in doing it without creating too much obvious sales pitches. Having to navigate several pop up ads will turn people away not only from the product but also from the platform or App. A skilled marketer will place ads strategically in view with attention getting graphics that will not interfere with the intended experience for the user. This is “ruining” things in a good way.

Do not be a victim of circumstances. If your audience and customers move to a different thing, move with them! Better yet, figure out where they are headed and be there to greet the majority who arrive behind you! Anticipating trends is a huge advantage for any Entrepreneur. If your passion is not supported by your location, environment, or other factors then move to where it IS supported. Whining to everyone that you can't get your market going because of A, B, C, etc.. will not produce your desired result. Ever.

Making mistakes is inherent to every new skill. Try things that scare you. Not everyone is cut out for this stuff. That's absolutely fine. Being an Entrepreneur is a win and lose kind of game. Do your best but expect to lose, just be able to shake it off and keep going.

Happiness drives everything. We only have one life to do it in. Why do so many people act like they get a second chance? NO!! Get up, and get it DONE!! You were born a human being with nearly limitless potential. What you do is up to you. Build your dream. Work hard. Find your answers and pass along that value to your customers. You will be rewarded for it.

I love that guy! Thanks Gary!

Here is the video site: https://www.facebook.com/gary/videos


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